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First, let’s be clear: we’re talking about checking out at your physical store, not your digital one. And remember, your customer’s last interaction with your store is at your checkout counter. Leave them with a sour taste in your mouth, and that’s what they’re going to remember about your store for the next several days. They’ll make sure to tell their friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors about their negative experience.

But fortunately, since you’re a smart retailer, you’re thinking about how this process works so you can make it as good as you can for your customers. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make it Fast and Smooth

Standing in line for a long time isn’t the end of the world for your customers. But, it is bothersome. Really, they want a smooth process. That means everything works just as it should. The register rings up their price quickly. They’re items go into their bag (which doesn’t rip).

And if lines are long because of a sudden rush, you have a person or procedure on hand for quick congestion relief. Your register clerks should also have decision-making power so they don’t have to call a manager for help for every little thing.

  1. Train Your Clerks on Building Relationships

These relationships will be fast, so there’s not a ton of time to make an impression. Know how when you go to the grocery store and on a very rare occasion you get the smiley, boisterous person who cracks jokes?

Your employees don’t have to be that way. But, it is an ideal to shoot for. Most simply say,”How are you?” and then slam your stuff in your bag for you.

That’s quick and efficient. But if you can toss in a little personality too, that gives customers good reason to come back to your physical store again.

  1. Give Them a Little Surprise

What would leave a more positive impression on your customer than giving them a surprise coupon or discount to take with them for the next time they stop by? Instead of ruminating on a mistake you made, they have something good to think about.

You could do it randomly to heighten the anticipation. How you do it is your choice, but it is an idea for improving your customer’s experience.

No one really likes standing in line to check out. However, with these tips, you can make it a painless process many customers may enjoy.[:]